Witness for the Prosecution – Guilty or Innocent

The dinner theatre will be Thursday, October 2nd at the Depot with a menu of breaded mushrooms, chunky tomato and red pepper soup, chicken scallopini, rolls, and apple berry crumble, catered by Boondocks. Doors open at 6:00 with dinner being served at 6:30. Dinner theatre tickets are $32. Call 765-472-3680 to make your reservations!1601369_793397500725927_4028436685265861198_n

“Witness for the Prosecution” was written by Agatha Christie back in 1952. The show was first on stage in London in 1953, made into a movie in 1957 under the direction of Billy Wilder & starring Tyrone Power, Marlene Dietric & Charles Laughton. It was reprised again in 1982 starring Beau Bridges & Diana Rigg. To give a short synopsis – the lead character Leonard Vole is accused of murdering a rich old widow. His defense attorney finds out that his wife is being called as a witness for the prosecution. The action of the play takes place in a law office & in the Superior courtroom at the Miami County Courthouse. The show’s final scene & climax will alter the unpredictable verdict that will be determined by 12 of our audience members who will serve as the jury. Ole is proud to have Blair Brown portraying the defendant, Leonard Vole. The ensemble cast also features Dan Brown, Keith Martin, Samantha Grudzien, Cari Scott, Anne Loy, Alan Myers, John Kraning, Sharron Petty, Diana Blair, Kevin Cadwallader, Kevin Martin, Kalika Redmon, Jerry Butler, Bob Bryan, Brandi Murphy, Jerra Moreland, Jenae Keaton, Danielle Brown, Hunter Keaton. The show is directed by Debby Myers & assisted by Jayne Kesler.

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