Nunsense II—The Second Coming is HERE!!!

Dinner theater is filling up fast –

The dinner theater menu was planned with the nuns in mind—”Sister Julia’s” Special Side Salad, “Habit-Forming” Asparagus Cream Toast Points as an appetizer; Belmont Chicken Savoy (New Jersey’s unofficial state dish) with pasta for the main course & “Big Chance” S’mores Cheesecake for dessert.  The dinner is filling up quickly so call for reservations!

Congratulations to the cast!

Sister Robert Anne – Shanna Stoll
Reverend Mother – Nancy Neff
Sister Hubert – Teresa Hershberger
Sister Amnesia (Mary Paul) – Stephanie Wagner
Sister Leo – Takyia McCord
Sister Mary Annette – Courtney Harmon
Franciscans – Kevin Cadwallader & Alan Myers
Stage Manager – Keith Martin

Lights – Tait Wagner
Music – Cindy Watson & Quentin Watson
Director – Shannon Banter
Asst. Directors – Debby Myers & Nancy Neff



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