Earlier this month, former Ole supporter & board member Bob Radel passed away. Bob was a great treasure to our group.

Bob served on the board for 30 years, 28 years as treasurer. He was the one who started  and developed computerized financial reports for Ole.  It was a DOS program to start with. Anyone remember DOS?

In those days Ole was not in the best of financial shape. We held our own but not much reserve capital. Through his due diligence of watching spending and getting better interest on what money we had, Bob was able to create some great year end reports and even start buying some CD’s. Ole became a financially solid organization.

Board member Jim Walker had this to say “Bob loved Ole. He never wanted to be on stage. He just wanted us to put great shows on the stage. He was a great friend to me and to Ole. We owe him a lot. Let us all never forget his contribution to our beloved Ole.”

He was a lifelong Miami County farmer, he also worked for Dunn’s Arco for 30 plus years before retiring and purchasing Main Street Liquors.

Our condolences to his family & friends. RIP Bob.


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