It’s that time of year – Ole Olsen Memorial Theater started our new fiscal year on July 1st. For the first time, our solicitation drive began a month later, August 1st. Our goal & motto from now until the end of September is “Drive & Build!”

We want to increase our season ticket sales by offering 4 shows for the low cost of $35 – $8.75 per show is a bargain! (individual show tickets are $12)  Tell all your friends what a great slate of shows we have coming up – truly something for everyone. Every season ticket holder who brings in a new season ticket holder will receive a $5 discount on their ticket!

We want to move our long time supporters into our club memberships that all include show tickets, recognition in all 4 season programs & annual membership. Club memberships range from $25-$1000. This group includes our most loyal fans & a part of the donation is tax deductible. Friends of Ole, Backstage Club, Century Club, Director’s Club, Spotlight Club & Marquee Club – find a club that’s right for you!

Our annual membership is now at 65 & growing.  This year we are hoping to grow to 75+. These memberships are just $10 & also include a show ticket, quarterly newsletters, audition notices & banquet invites. All club members are a part of this group too.  Most importantly, all annual members get a vote at our annual membership meeting in election of officers & choices of plays for the next season.

Finally we want to drive & build our show sponsorships through local businesses support for theater in our community.  They can do this through placing program ads (printed locally by American Stationery) or sponsoring a show which includes verbal mentions in our radio ads & curtain speeches, name recognition in all print advertising, flyers & programs. Invitations for sponsorship opportunities were also sent out last month. If you didn’t get one & are interested in supporting our “Drive & Build” please contact us at 765-472-3680.


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