Shakespeak to Kidspeak Workshop 6-8th grade

A small but enthusiastic group of five girls—Lehna Wagner, Zoe Kesler, Eve Uttinger, Makenna Johnson & Alexus Moss—spent a week in  Ole Olsen’s Kids Shakespeare Camp learning about the Bard.  Camp days were Monday-Friday 9 am—2 pm & were spent in a variety of historic, theatric, & artistic activities that focused on William Shakespeare’s time and plays.

As they learned about Shakespeare’s personal story, they studied his coat-of-arms and designed their own.  This artistic activity provided an opportunity to share their interests with each other.  Since Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre resembled a donut, the study of each part was reinforced by consuming that part of the donut.  Studying the influence of the Black Plague gave way to making a clove studded pomander ball & gathering flowers for their Medieval Feast table which concluded the last day of camp.  We all got together one evening for pizza party followed by attending a rehearsal of CTW’s The Tempest which showed them the opportunities that await them to perform Shakespeare for a Miami County audience.  The campers had already watched the DVD of some of the older players in CTW’s stage presentation of Romeo and Juliet.

Focusing on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the campers studied Shakespeare’s lines, which we called Shakespeak, and as a group interpreted them & wrote the script for today’s Kidspeak.  Their final program was to perform scenes from Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeak and then spin it into Kidspeak script. The activities & performance of Romeo and Juliet taught Ole’s Kids to use their “Will Power.”


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